John Velghe : ep

by John Velghe

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All songs written by John Velghe © 2009, 2010 Man With Burden Music except #6.
Produced and recorded by John Velghe and Chris Wagner at Guttersnipe Recording Co.
Kansas City, Missouri
© 2010 Nope Records All compositions copyrighted. Warning: All rights reserved.


released October 5, 2010

Dan Dumit - drums 1, 2
Chris Wagner - bass 2; upright bass 6; electric guitar 1
Abigail Henderson - backing vocals 1, 6
Michael Walker - Trombone 3, 4
Sam Hughes - Saxophones 3
John Velghe - vocals, guitars, bass, piano, rhodes, drums, etc. on everything else.
Thanks to the players and singers, Juj Winn, Alejandro
Escovedo, James Heiman, the fine folks at The Midwest
Music Foundation, and Lawson Microphones.




John Velghe Kansas City, Missouri

John Velghe (pronounced Vel-jee) writes songs leaning towards personal narratives and accounts of people he’s met over 20 years of playing and touring. From a friends fre ex-wife in Austin to a 4-year-old waitress in Lucas, KS to a transvestite railroad worker in Duluth, MN; Velghe populates his songs with real characters who’ve informed personal allegories about escape, transformation and fear. ... more

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Track Name: Little Teamsters
Load me in with little teamsters
I'll be alright
Lay my head on a bed of poppies
In yellow light

Say a prayer for all my problems
For mother’s sake
Play a song by a Texas sovereign
With feet of clay

I'll be the last to know
Out with the undertow
Just let me slide

Over the side
You'll be the one I wait for
Unmarried bride
You'll be the one I look for

And if you see the band
The undertaker can drive the van
Track Name: Long Face
Long face the highways cold and it's
Okay tonight you're coming home home home
Long face for all the good it brings
Hold tight to all those little things gone gone
Long face she's holding on

Load up those cases amps and sinners
Don't stop for broken hearted figures
Go home alone

Long face you're taken back and it's
Too late for crossing bridges burned burned burned
Long face you're wavering

Long face you're coming back around
Always. You're coming home and she's gone gone
Track Name: Did you Fall Down?
All framed inside your mind
The panoramic scenes you left behind

Did they shoot you
Well it’s alright
Maybe you can recompose
Did you fall down
Well it’s alright
Maybe you can get up close

You say you’ll take ‘em all in May
Then winter settles in like a stray

All framed inside your head
The shot you got, but left for dead
Track Name: Time On Their Side
They got a little lift
It’s not over
She got a little gift
When he got sober

They got time on their side

She got a tiny out
He starts to wobble
He let the Devil out
Of that bottle

They found a little rift
One October
She got a little gift
When he went over

She got time on her side
He left time on her side

He let the Devil out, of that bottle
Track Name: Wrecking
Over and over and over again I am wrecking
I’ll fall down again before I crawl

Lord let me sleep
But don’t let me dream

Oh this wreck could be the one

Over and over and over again I am wrecking
And I’ll fall down again
Before they crawl over me
Crawl over me